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ADHD is an affliction that is seen in many young children and they face huge obstacles in learning which leads to poor performance in schools, hinder them from having normal social lives or relationships all of which deeply undermine their self-esteem.

Formerly known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), ADHD is the term used for this condition today. ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic condition that leads to inattention and hyperactivity with uncontrollable and impulsive behavior. It affects millions of children worldwide and is a focus of many medical research projects.

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ADHD symptoms do not appear all at once and in most cases appear several months apart making it difficult for parents to immediately notice that something is not quite right. Usually, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity are the first signs to appear and these patterns are then followed by lack of attention to the immediate environment around them. These are then followed by more specific patterns like difficulty in organizing thoughts, problems with continuing with any activity, constant fidgeting. The one should go to a specialist for the correct ADHD diagnosis if any of these symptoms appear, for these may be manifested in most children only in lower intensity which gets corrected over time. Those which don't or get intensified are the ADHD cases.

ADHD Causes

The causes of ADHD are still largely undetermined. The earlier theories varied from various nature and nurture factors like negative and dysfunctional social environments to problematic upbringing. There have been many studies conducted on ADHD and many are still ongoing to uncover more information about this condition. Research scientists are coming up with new theories like brain injuries, genetic disorders and specific environmental agents which may lead to ADHD.

Diagnosis for ADHD

The symptoms for ADHD are not limited to just the condition. Most people exhibit behaviors like inattention, hyperactivity or lack of attention at some point in their lives and even repeatedly. These are especially more in children, which is why it can be very difficult to diagnose ADHD right away. One way to identify that these symptoms are intense and are more than just a onetime aberration is to match the symptoms with the age of the person. When these are present in a person and are manifested in his or her behavior in higher levels, then ADHD is diagnosed. In any case, it needs an expert eye and medical tests to verify the condition therefore the diagnosis should always be done by a specialist or healthcare provider.

Treatment for ADHD

In most cases, ADHD treatment consists of a combination of behavior therapy and drugs. Behavior therapy is effective but just by itself cannot abate the condition completely. It combines medical interventions with some social lessons and focused psychotherapy. Along with these practices doctors also prescribe medications known to be effective in treating ADHD. Typically, the medications that are used to treat ADHD are known as stimulants. These drugs are administered to weak the symptoms to a large extent but not cure the condition. The effects of the medications may vary from one person to another so one should consult a doctor who will administer the right medicine and dosage for the best results.

Along with growing awareness, there has also been a lot of debate about ADHD medication for the last decade. One major cause of worry is misdiagnosis where children who are merely over active were prescribed strong psycho-stimulants when there is no need. Long term use of the stimulants and their possible hazards for patients are also increasingly being discussed. There are also many detractors of the treatment who want to explore other options so that boys who are merely over active won't be termed as ADHD patients. One way to ensure misdiagnosis is of course to consult a specialist instead of self-medicating.

ADHD Medicines

Medications that fall under the class of drugs called stimulants have been prescribed for ADHD treatment for decades now. These have shown effective results in curbing and abating the symptoms. However, these are powerful drugs and have a high risk of abuse associated with them. In many cases it has been observed that patients were taking larger doses than they were prescribed and as a result get addicted to their ADHD medications. This is why ADHD medications are deemed as controlled substances by the authorities and cannot be taken without a prescription. Some of the common medications in this category are Adderall XR, Concerta, Vyvanse, and Focalin XR.


As far as non-stimulant drugs are concerned there are two available for ADHD right now. The drugs, Strattera and Intuniv, have been approved for ADHD treatment at this point. The former, Strattera, is meant for children starting six year old but is also be administered for teenagers and adults. The latter drug, Intuniv on other hand, is specifically meant for the age group 6-17 years.

Apart from these two primary kinds of medications, other types like anti-depressants are also used for treating ADHD. These are usually for patients who have other disorders like anxiety or depression along with their ADHD symptoms.

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